Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Travis Orbin Poster and Silverfox Sticks Stress Test!

I recently received a couple of much anticipated packages in the mail! One of these packages contained a poster of Travis Orbin's setup. I had seen a video on Travis' Youtube channel ( in which he was showing off the posters and explaining how to get them. I immediately went to his online store and ordered one, complete with autograph! I had told Travis that once I got the poster, I would make a video featuring it. Evidently, he like the video, as he added it to his favorites and told me in an email, "This rules!" Here's the video:

The other package that I received contained three pairs of Silverfox 7AN sticks. I had ordered them with Delrin tips, which are supposedly some sort of material thats harder and stronger than nylon that they use, but there was a mixup somewhere and I got the nylon version instead. No big deal!

I had ordered the sticks because I had been hearing really good things about them. Guys were telling me that while they would go through two or three pairs of sticks a gig, once they switched to Silverfox, they were getting two or three GIGS per pair of sticks! I decided to test the sticks out, and compare them to Vic Firth 7ANs. Basically, I just smashed the sticks with an equal number of hard rimshots on diecast hoops. Not a super scientific test, but I figured it would at least give me some idea. Here's the results: