Thursday, January 20, 2011

Dubstep Plus Djent? Sounds Weird!

And it is indeed quite an unusual combination! As anyone who has followed my music knows, I like to experiment with many different styles. My Djent/Dubstep video is a great example of the kind of cross genre experimentation I do! The song as well as a playalong version without drums is available here:

0:01 - 0:18
This first section is written in 5/8, even if it doesn't sound like it! The drum part overlaid is in 4/4, which gives the illusion of being straight forward. However, if you listen to the way the guitar part interacts with it, you will see that the measures don't line up!

0:19 - 0:45
The "dubsteppy" section! You'll notice that the drums move to half time, and there are a lot of weird syncopations and metric modulations. This is all part of the dubstep style... trippy stuff!

0:46 - 1:03
Another round of that 5/8 guitar section. Drum part stays basically the same as the first time around!

1:04 - 1:26
My favorite part! This is a choppy, stop and start groove in 7/8. At one point, I play the pulse offset by a 16th on the china... crazy stuff! I love how this all came together!

1:27 - 1:56
The dubstep groove again! This time, the drum part is more active, I play some triplet blasts here in some places, and just generally change some stuff up.