Monday, January 24, 2011

Find Out How Fast YOUR Hands Are!

I just ran across this free WFD game today; its a great way to test yourself and see how fast your hands are! Basically, you alternate between tapping the "A" and "L" keys on your keyboard, exactly like playing a single stroke roll. The goal is to get the highest number of strokes that you can in one minute, with bonus points for playing cleanly. The game has five stages, with increasingly difficult opponents; you must play faster than the opponent to win!

While you may question the correlation between hitting keys on the keyboard and playing with drumsticks on a drum pad, it actually feels surprisingly similar. Basically, this is just a test of your wrist strokes. My numbers playing this game were almost identical to what I am able to perform with real sticks using wrist strokes.

Anyways, on to my results! I took screenshots after each stage with the number of strokes I made. Here they are, starting with the first stage, and progressing all the way to the fifth:

So there you go! My best score was 815, which is a little bit over 200bpm 16th notes for the full duration of the minute. Woo! But what's that you say? You can do better? How high is YOUR best score?


  1. Hi Luke!
    Best I managed was 738, all my attempts were pretty similar, lowest being 723. It hurts! ha! ha!

  2. @Brody Haha, yeah, its tough! I could never get much higher than around 820 or so, I should try again and see if I'm any faster now ;)

  3. Hi Luke,
    I got to 787. I was kinda hoping to beat ya ;)
    Btw love your vids, keep up the good work man!
    I hope some day I'll become as good as you are :)

  4. @Mr.T 787 is pretty killer though! Nice job, haha. And thanks man, I'm glad you're enjoying them. I need to get some more stuff up! Just practice and you'll get there, its inevitable :D